Season 2a Reset
January 4th, 2014 TJohnW@forums

Greetings racers! We've got a bitter-sweet update for you guys today. Tristan has done extensive testing, and found that the race times were inaccurate due to an error in the settings. Doing the exact same run multiple times in a row was resulting in time variations as much as .100 seconds. Tristan has fiddled around with the code, and managed to make the race times accurate to two decimal places. This will help cut down on "lucky times" on runs that weren't better, but beat the record by a few thousandths of a second due to the time inaccuracies.

Since the accuracy of the timer has been improved, we have decided that out of fairness to everyone, the old times need to be reset. We apologize for this, especially after seeing so many great runs after only a few days of the new season, but it's something that had to be done. We hope that this doesn't discourage anyone from continuing to race, and that you'll work harder to set even better times than before. You'll also notice a couple of new maps have been added. Due to popular demand, the map "Sharp" will be removed from the rotation, and will be replaced by "Engine". Good luck with season 2 everyone!

Season 2a Update
January 1st, 2014 Tsugaru@forums

We've gotten a little bit backed up, and preparing the server for season 2a is taking a little bit longer than initially expected. Tommorow, expect to see twelve of the fifteen maps for season 2a on the server. Some of the maps had problems which required lengthy work-arounds to prepare them for the server. All fifteen maps should be ready for racing on January third, and we apologize for the slight delay.

In addition to working on the upcoming season, Tristan has been very busy working on the website. The design has been reworked to display more effeciently on mobile devices, so get out your smart phones and try it out. You'll find if you try to navigate the site, you'll run across many 404 errors and broken links. This is all temporary, and will be fixed once the final changes are made to the website within the next few days, so please be patient. The website for the seasons server will also be undergoing some changes as we try to integrate it to work more fluently with the Advanced Racing website.

In other news, season 1 has officially ended. Everyone give a big congratulations to Chris for coming in first place with an overall score of 1.13. Following in second place was Psych with an overall score of 2.6, and angel finishing third with 4.4. Great job to everyone in the first season! Start preparing for the next one, it'll be ready to start soon.

We also may be looking into bringing on a small team of people to beta test maps for the upcoming seasons. It would be a chance to not only play the maps before everyone else, but to also make suggestions to make the maps more fluid and fun. These lucky few will be selected from the top racers of season 2, so bring your "A game".

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone for supporting the season server. It makes us happy to see so many people enjoying the server, and as long as people continue to have fun, we'll continue to put in the work to keep it going. As you all know, the server is still new, so it may be a few more seasons before we get everything running as smoothly as possible behind the scenes. We thank everyone for your patience with us while we get everything figured out, and we hope to see you back for season 2. Best of luck to everyone!

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