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July 23, 2014 Zwazi@aagid

Hey guys,

We're back... That was a fun little break, huh? Only about 7 months since the last time we really did anything for the server. Well, we've come back with a vengance and it's gonna be great! We're working on bringing the racing server into the new age, we're gonna make the mazing server actually function correctly, we've got a super sexy server browser up(thanks to dlh for making it public for everyone) and the best news for last, Tristan is super close to finishing up Vectron, our custom map maker.

To bring the racing server into the new age, we're going to be deleting all the bad or boring maps off the server, and we've already reset the times. If you find that we delete a map off the server, and you dont agree with our decision, you can talk to us and we will tell you why we deleted it or we might even put it back on the server. This will probably take place soon, but honestly who knows how long it will take with us running the show.

The plan for the mazing server is to get the script working correctly, and the rankings being stored correctly/working on the website. What we're gonna do to the script is make an 'rtv' (rock the vote) command to change the map when people want it to be changed, and a 'nominate' command to nominate maps for the players to vote on, which will make the server change to that map. We wont be going with a constantly rotating map function on this server.

Our sexy new browser is available on the right sidebar, and it'll be undergoing updates to look more like tronner.com instead of the armagetron forums. Who knows when that'll be done though.

Vectron! It's almost done, and it looks sexy as hell. I honestly cant wait for it to be done, and you should be excited too. Just go and look at it on vectron.tronner.com. Look at how sexy that mother fucker is. mmmmm, yeah.... Anyways, we should be done with that relatively soon. Erica and I are constantly pushing Tristan to work on it all the time. So make sure you thank Tristan for all his hard work, which you should be doing anyways since he's basically the biggest reason the website, server, and everything is the way it is today. Thank you Tristan!

There it is. Is that the news update you've been wanting after 7 months? It better be, cause I'm not rewriting it. See ya guys in 7 more months when we write the next news update.. maybe...

Season 2a Reset
January 4th, 2014 TJohnW@forums

Greetings racers! We've got a bitter-sweet update for you guys today. Tristan has done extensive testing, and found that the race times were inaccurate due to an error in the settings. Doing the exact same run multiple times in a row was resulting in time variations as much as .100 seconds. Tristan has fiddled around with the code, and managed to make the race times accurate to two decimal places. This will help cut down on "lucky times" on runs that weren't better, but beat the record by a few thousandths of a second due to the time inaccuracies.

Since the accuracy of the timer has been improved, we have decided that out of fairness to everyone, the old times need to be reset. We apologize for this, especially after seeing so many great runs after only a few days of the new season, but it's something that had to be done. We hope that this doesn't discourage anyone from continuing to race, and that you'll work harder to set even better times than before. You'll also notice a couple of new maps have been added. Due to popular demand, the map "Sharp" will be removed from the rotation, and will be replaced by "Engine". Good luck with season 2 everyone!

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